Our Services

Our expertise in public policy, social marketing, customer engagement, and data analytics means we can design robust and effective research methodologies to help clients track public opinion, customer attitudes, and advertising effectiveness to bring the insights needed to contribute to wise and informed decisions.

Our research falls into three broad categories.

Market Research

Nova Insights has worked for large and small players across a variety of industries, including telecommunications, energy, retail, online services, politics, music distributors, television networks, municipalities, gaming regulators, and sports leagues to uncover and dig deep into customer insights and market information.

Public Opinion 

Understanding not only what people really think, but why they think a certain way starts with a professionally and carefully designed research methodology. Our long experience in using advanced analytic techniques allows us to report trends and themes that lie beneath the surface of what is being said.

Employee Engagement

Employee satisfaction surveys can be valuable to track over time how satisfied or happy your employees are.  However, measuring the level of engagement provides a deeper level of insight into the motivations and involvement your employees have with the organization.

By understanding employee engagement, management can act to increase the level of passion employees feel for their jobs. The resulting commitment to the organization will increase productivity through increased discretionary effort into their work.

Nova Insights can help you understand the level of employee engagement within your organization and what drives that engagement. Tracking progress over time can provide valuable insights to management, but also show employees your commitment to improvement.

Nova Insights' methods include:

  • Web surveys
  • Telephone surveys
  • In-person focus groups, IDIs, diads, triads
  • Online focus groups
  • Online discussion threads

Nova Insights' topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Consumer behavior
  • Brand positioning research
  • Advertising evaluation studies
  • Public opinion (e.g., citizen feedback, public policy, political surveys)
  • Customer and employee engagement surveys