Quantitative Research

Our experience in conducting quantitative research for clients spans close to two decades. Clients have included the spectrum from the very small to the very large organizations.  All these clients are unique, and have their own unique objectives.  However, there is always a common thread—a need to understand their customers and markets.  We help them do this through various methods of measuring attitudes, behaviors, and opinions. 

In understanding true motivations, attitudes, and behavior (past or potential), it is important to design the questionnaire to not reveal what the respondent may perceive as what we “want to hear.” We work collaboratively with clients to design the instrument in a way to elicit open and honest input and feedback.


Nova Insights employs multivariate analyses to dig deeper into the data to understand relationships and motivations that are not expressed explicitly or revealed through our bivariate analysis. Our experience with these analytic tools allows you to better understand the data at a deeper level, and our reports can describe the results and implications clearly without the need to read through dense technical descriptions of statistical processes.  Specific techniques often used include correlation analysis, factor analysis, cluster analysis, and the very powerful MaxDiff analysis. We take advantage of the data processing and analytic power of industry software to perform advanced analytics, but report results in an easy-to-understand way that can be acted upon.

Robust methodological design, smart questionnaire design, rigorous data collection, depth of analysis, and clear, actionable reporting are the keys to a successful understanding of your targets.

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Nova Insights uses a very robust and feature-rich online survey tool.  This tool allows deployment of the simple to the complex surveys using either list-based sample, or panels.  Collection and storage of the data also abides by Canadian privacy regulations (e.g., FIPPA, PIIDPA).

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Some samples and geographies are not suited to online data collection, so we have a strong partnership with a telephone market research call center that has proven quality results project after project.  We can advise clients on the most suitable method for contacting their target.

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One of the goals in founding Nova Insights, which remains today, is to make professional and reliable market research accessible to more organizations.  We work hard to design methods for clients that are cost effective and provide the needed insight.  Many organizations have been able to gain this knowledge and develop strategies based on research that may not have been possible in the past.  The combination of advancing technology and the experience of Nova Insights helps make this happen.

Nova Insights recognizes and adheres to the philosophy that the value and reliability of a research project depends on the quality of all stages throughout the process—design, data collection, data processing, and reporting.  We constantly strive for excellence in all stages, and have established a long track record of success.