Sustainability Policy

1.0 Purpose:

1.1 Nova Insights Inc is committed to sustainable practices within the workplace to promote and support the environmental wellbeing of our community now and for future generations.

1.2 Nova Insights acknowledges that a good quality of life cannot be sustained without a healthy natural environment.

1.3 Environmentally responsible management practices can often be cost effective, especially when considering the total system costs.


2.0 Application:

2.1  This Policy shall apply to all activities in office and offsite.

2.2  The policy shall be considered during the planning and implementation of all activities, events, and day-to-day operations.


3.0 Objective:

3.1  The intent of this Policy is not to impose financial burdens on those to whom it applies. The Policy will ensure due diligence process that is likely to uncover alternatives that meet both economic and environmental criteria.

3.2  The objective of this Policy is to increase our positive footprint on the environment and to encourage environmentally sustainable practices. As such, this Policy sets guidelines for environmental performance, and encourages collaboration in achieving those objectives, as well as overall awareness of the issues.

3.3  Through this Policy, Nova Insights establishes its commitment to the environment, and strives to become accountable regarding our commitment to environmental sustainability.


4.0 Policy:

4.1 Procurement

In purchasing decisions, Nova Insights will consider selecting the most environmentally friendly product or service that is economically viable. Consideration shall be given to those products or services that:

i. Contain reused and reusable materials;

ii. Are certified by recognized environmental organizations (e.g. Eco-logo);

iii. Contain materials manufactured without toxic chemicals;

iv. Have minimal packaging;

v. Contain materials that biodegrade naturally and rapidly; and/or

vi. Contain recycled and post-consumer content.

4.2 Waste

i. Nova Insights is aware of its resource consumption and will try to reduce it whenever possible.

ii. Nova Insights will strive to reduce consumption by reusing products whenever possible.

iii. Nova Insights shall ensure that recycling bins are present in all areas of, or adjacent to its activities and operations.

iv. Nova Insights will strive to redesign or implement processes where feasible that close the material loop, generating minimal waste, and reducing energy consumption.

4.3 Energy Usage

i. Where practical, Nova Insights will strive to apply lighting and energy conservation.

4.4 Daily office operations

i. Nova Insights will minimize paper versions of documents, choosing to work with electronic versions whenever possible.

ii. When printing documents is necessary, Nova Insights will choose to print using both sides of the paper.

iii. Nova Insights will choose recycled paper for office printing.

iv. Nova Insights will distribute documents and communications electronically, rather than hard copy.

v. Fax-to-email service will be used to avoid printed material when faxing is necessary.

vi. Nova Insights will subscribe to news and other industry publications online, rather than printed and mailed versions (e.g.,, Chronicle Herald online).

vii. For focus groups, Nova Insights will use dry erase boards rather than flip charts whenever possible.

viii. Calendars will be kept online, not printed.

ix. Recycled toner cartridges are used in the office's laser printers.

x. Reusable flatware and dishes are used for all eating.

xi. Energy Star compliance is sought for purchase of any office equipment, whenever possible.