Public Policy & Politics

Nova Insights brings a vast amount of experience in the realms of public policy and politics to governments, political parties, candidates, advocates, and opinion leaders.  Our experience in measuring opinions, analyzing feedback, gauging the economic and political climate, and profiling and segmenting voters has a long track record.

Some of the public policy market research experience brought by Nova Insights includes:

  • 2009-2013: Public policy development and feedback measurement for municipalities (e.g., Kentville, Berwick, Bridgewater, Shelburne, Yarmouth, HRM).  See an article published in Vue Magazine on our work to bring citizen engagement to small municipalities.
  • 1995-2013: Ongoing tracking of two decades’ of hot button issues, long-standing ideological debates, new policy feedback, policy proposals, and economic confidence in the State of New Hampshire.
  • 2009: Extensive public opinion measurement of issues, organizations, and public figures in the Province of Nova Scotia leading up to the provincial election.
  • 2008: Public opinion on hot button issues for Nova Scotia provincial voters.

Nova Insights’ experience in measuring the political landscape includes:

  • 1995-2013: Ongoing tracking of voter intentions and attitudes toward statewide and national political candidates and legislative bodies in the State of New Hampshire.
  • 2010: Measurement of awareness and favourability of provincial and federal politicians in Nova Scotia.
  • 2009: Measurement of voter intentions and strength two weeks prior to Nova Scotia provincial election.  Nova Insights was the first polling firm to accurately project the outcome of the election using this measurement and a proprietary seat projection model. Reporting of the story from 2009 can be found HERE.
  • 2008: Examination of the political climate, obtainable voters, profiles of voter groups, and leadership assets and liabilities in Nova Scotia.